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Offenders are often over looked or cast aside.  If we do not help them, then what will happen?  They will reoffened or worst.
With all these laws and registries that are in effect, they do not help protect our children very much.

In my opinion most of these laws are nothing but a way for states, cities and towns to get more of your money.

To prove that point:

  • There are 1000's of reasons to be put on the Sex Offender list nowadays.
  • Thers is no proof sex offender registries protect children. We still hasve about the same number of actual offenses.
  • There are thousands of people who ****** behind a dumpster or on a long road trip with no bathrooms for 50 miles and stop on the side of the road.
  • Go skinny dipping in the water holes late at night (like I'm sure most have done in their youth).
  • Teens were caught having sex with someone a year younger then them, who are now being punished for life.
  • A teen girl for exp. sends her boyfriend a nude photo and shes branded for life and/or thrown in JAIL for producing child porn.
  • Sleep with a prostitute and your on the list.
  • And too many more to put on here.

The more laws we pass to move them into a corner will one day backfire on us all.  Where do sex offenders go after being run out of a neighborhood? They relocate to another apartment, trailer, house, or sleep in homeless shelters or their car.  Some are forced to live in certain places, like under the Julia Tuttle Causeway in Florida (as seen on the news).
You might note that recidivism among those convicted of sexually related crimes are extremely low when they undergo proper treatment.

Now to protect the children . . . no sex offender oriented law could possibly protected these children. YOU have to stay with and be involved with your children until they can defend themselves - there is no other way. It is stupid to depend on some law or government to do your job for you and protect your kids.

By the way, Elizabeth Smart, Danielle Van Dam, Smantha Runnion, Carlie Brucia and Sommer Thompson were all kidnapped by individuals who had never been convicted of a sex crime - no sex offender oriented law could have possibly protected these poor children.

Sure you may know a sex offender is living 5 doors down the street...but do you know why they are on the list?  Did they abuse a child or pee in the woods?
How about your next door neighbor just got out of prison for beating someone almost to death?

Did you know John Walsh admits to dating an underage girl, but continued anyway, and laughs about it? I've seen the interview on youtube and will have it linked later.
Yes what happened to his son is tragic but...his son was not sexually abused...O'Toole and Lucas weren't pedophiles. They claimed they COOKED AND ATE Adam Walsh.

I am not defending true sex offenders but we can not keep throwing our tax dollars out to make gov./state/cities richer with stupid laws.  We can not keep adding every John and Jane Doe to the list that does not protect our children in anyway.  Remember almost 1/2 of all sex abuse happens from family or extended family members.
We DO NOT need to keep this going and adding to it like the Great (FAILED) War on Drugs...why do 8 U.S. Marshalls need to pull up in 8 brand new 2012 Cadillac Escapades to arrest one neighbor for smoking pot?  This happened near me the other day. I'm not going to go into anymore detail on the "war on drugs" everyone can see the results of that.

Rant are a few resources for offenders.

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